Comparative Anatomy

During my time studying, whether it is in hydrotherapy, nutrition or physiotherapy, we are encouraged to look at all species and the differences in the anatomy.I came across this excellent diagram of the differences in species of the scapula (shoulder) and extending anatomy.Look how in humans, they have 5 digits and the scapula is on its side. Dogs have 5 digits but then as you go along, the pig and then sheep have one less concurrently. The horse only has one digit which you will know as the hoof but is also known as the P3. Think about that! A human, who on average weighs 10stone has only two limbs but has 10 digits in total to help balance but a huge animal like a horse, balances on 4 digits alone! 
It’s fascinating to see how each species operates. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring the differences of different areas of anatomy and sharing with you what I’ve discovered. If there any specific areas you’d like to see and discuss, let me know.

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